Too Much Fun In the Sun

It was an absolutely perfect day yesterday here in Atlanta!

The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and the temperature was in the 70s.

Absolutely perfect.

While the little ones played in the house with their toys, and MJ played on her computer (Christian and Antonio went to work), I coated myself with a special browning lotion (Maui Babe) and laid out on my lounge chair to get a tan.

Now, the bottle warns that this stuff is strong.

Beginners are told to not expose themselves to more than an hour in the sun while wearing the browning lotion.

Since I had already laid out a couple of days during the week and had a tiny base tan, I thought that excluded me from the "beginner's warning". Ha!

I laid on my stomach for 30 mins.

Then rolled over on my back for another 30 mins.

Then thought about it and decided to lay out for another 20 minutes.

By that time, the boys were ready for lunch, so I went in and cut them up some fruit and veggies and they ate. While they were eating, I decided that maybe they would like to go play at the community park after lunch. So, when they finished lunch, we were off!

We walked to the park and they had a blast!!

We took their Klean Kanteen water bottles filled with cold water, a container of strawberries and a few bananas for them everyone to snack on.

It was a great afternoon!

Levi eats the whole strawberry, even the leaves, and he was coated in strawberry juice by the time we went home. It was awesome, just to not worry and let him have fun and get dirty!

I was so busy watching them have fun that I forgot to take pictures!

Sorry Grammy and Grandpas! No pictures of our fun Saturday afternoon!

But I did get one souvenier of our fun day....


And all the excitement made for some sleepy boys that evening....

How was your day yesterday? Was the sun shining where you live?


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