Old School Natural Diaper Rash Remedy

Well, it was inevitable. With all of the fresh produce we've been eating lately (see my earlier post about our fresh fruit and veggie lunch plates), little systems were bound to go through a thorough...cleansing.

And for the little one that is still in diapers....well, sometimes it leads to diaper rashes.

I tried to treat Levi's rash with coconut oil but it wasn't working.

I'm not going to lie: my go-to diaper rash treatment (when coconut oil doesn't cut it) is usually Bag Balm. It's a petroleum-based balm that was originally intended to treat sore cow udders. Ha! But when I had my first baby, my grandma told me to use Bag Balm on any diaper rash I encountered.

Which I have done fairly religiously when coconut oil isn't able to help.

And it certainly wasn't working this time.

Each day, despite frequent diaper changings, his rash kept getting worse.

It was moist and raw...and painful.

Instead of reaching for the Bag Balm this time, though, I wanted to use a more natural remedy. And I remember my mom telling me how she used to use burned flour on my diaper rashes. She said that it worked really well. So I figured it was definitely worth a try!

I burned some flour and put it in a small mason jar. I had previously drilled a hole into the lid of the jar for straws to go in (for the kids' green juices), so it was perfect! I could just sprinkle the flour right onto his little bum.

Mind you: this will stain cloth diapers!

But we're not currently using cloth, so all was good.

After every diaper change, I would just sprinkle a little flour on his bottom and wherever the rash was. It only took a couple of diaper changes for me to see a big difference! The rash was drying up. Within a day and a half, the rash is now GONE!

So if you're looking for a more natural-based diaper rash solution, you should definitely give burnt flour a try!

Here's what you do:

Pour about half-a-cup of all purpose flour into a frying pan. (do not spray cooking oil on the pan!)

Heat the pan up and continuously stir the flour.

Eventually you will see the flour turning light brown, then tan.....remove it from the heat when it gets a nice dark tan color...but NOT burned black. It should only be a few minutes.

Warning: this does not smell pretty.

It smelled like burnt popcorn.

Luckily, all my doors and windows were open. Great for ventilation...bad for neighbors' noses. Hahaha!

Pour it into a mason jar and let it cool completely before applying to baby's bottom.

I'm curious, have you ever used burnt flour for this before?


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