My Crazy Minions

So, MJ (my 14 y/o) decided to make a mini movie with Austin and Levi.

The result was...interesting.

And kind of scary.

I promise they're not always so scary.


So here's the background story:

Back when I was pregnant with Christian, I got a breast infection...and my husband *thought* that the natural cure that his mom would tell me to do was to put....

Get ready for this....

(This is the reason that I was so opposed to natural remedies for so many years...)

Take a lemon...cut it in half, rub it in salt...then heat it up in a skillet.

(do you see where this is going???)

Then put the lemon half...while still

For the love of all that is good and holy....don't EVER put sizzling hot lemons on your naked breast, people!!!!

EVER!!!! you know the background of why he's dealing with burning lemons...hahaha


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