Hong Kong Inspiration FTW!

My daughter and I went through a phase where we were mildly obsessed with BubzVlogz on YouTube. We still love her but we have been trying to cut down on TV time, so we don't watch her much anymore... Any other Bubz fans out there?!

Well, anyway, Bubz and her family live in Hong Kong.

We are so inspired by the Asian infusion she gives to our lives!

And we fell in love with her


Those wide-bottomed spoons that are almost like a teeny bowl.

"I'll bet those would be perfect for Austin and Levi, to help them eat soup with less mess."

(Wonton soup is, ironically, one of their favorite soups...even without Bubz's inspiration haha)

So I put a set into my Amazon cart...and promptly forgot about them.

Then, last week, while we were walking around World Market, Christian yelled "THE SPOONS, MOM!" and held up a mini set of Asian-type spoons.

I. Was. Psyched.

So I bought a set.

Look how cute!!

And they are absolutely perfect for soup AND oatmeal!

I hope they still have more when I go back because I love the tiny-ness of these ones...perfect for little hands!

PS...Who's coming to visit us if we move to Hong Kong? hahaha


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