Healthy Kids' Lunches!

I have been trying to steer my boys away from their peanut butter sandwiches.

They have been requesting PB sandwiches (no jelly) for both breakfast AND lunch for months.

It was starting to drive me crazy!

I switched to organic peanut butter just to try to "healthy it up" a bit.

But the PB Craze continued....

So I decided to make such delicious lunches that were so good that the boys would choose them over peanut butter sandwiches.

And I succeeded!

They loooooove fruit!

And they are learning that they also love fresh veggies!

And because they are getting so much healthy natural sugars from their fruit, they aren't even asking for cookies or sugary processed snacks.

And there is no super-hyper-bouncing-off-the-walls sugar rush with fruit and veggie plates.

I just cut up a bunch of fruits and veggies and arrange them on a big plate and Austin and Levi share the plate, taking what they want from it.

By sharing the plate, they pay more attention to what the other one is willing to try.

And then, typically, they give it a try, too.

Some of the things I cut up (I try to make it a slightly different variety each day)....but some of their favorites are constants:

apple slices
celery with a teeny bit of peanut butter
carrot sticks
cucumber slices

There are so many other fresh fruits and veggies I want to try out on bell peppers, cauliflower, plums and peaches. Maybe even some dried fruits like mangoes and dates.

I am so glad that they are so open to trying new things!

What does a typical lunch look like where you live?


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