Going Green

My reasons for wanting a cleaner world

Ok, so I feel like I am being led, little by little, to find "greener" ways of living.

It's really kind of strange for me.

You see, I've never really cared about our environment.

I never really thought about it and figured that I didn't need to waste my time on worrying about it.

But lately things have been brought to my attention...and I'm starting to realize that NOBODY really wants to "waste time" worrying about it. And if nobody is worrying about it...what's going to happen?

Like, seriously.

What's going to happen?

It all started with me wanting to protect my children.

I don't want to watch my child die of some horrible form of cancer or other disease.

That sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well, what are you going to do about it?

No, seriously: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??

How about we stop pumping them full of chemicals? That's a good start.

So I started looking into natural remedies.

And I started looking into going mainly vegetarian...which led me into looking into why organic was best. (Screw you, Monsanto!!)

Now, we do eat meat (usually poultry), but rarely. And I try my hardest to prepare food/meals in my home as much as possible, usually from scratch or close to it...processed foods are bad, yo. We typically eat homemade foods 3 times a day (plus snacks), 6 days a week.

We do eat out a lot on Sundays, though, for lunch and dinner.

And usually one meal (dinner) is take-out/Date Night on Friday or Saturday.

I'm even wanting to cut down on those numbers.

But now I'm expanding past natural remedies and food preparation.

Think about this: the crap (such as our trash) that we are putting *out there* into the environment...well, it's going somewhere, dude.

And maybe you don't have to look at it anymore after your trash man hauls it away...but most of your crap isn't *poof* GONE. It's *out there* somewhere.

And if it's not biodegradable, it's poisoning our environment.

And we have to live in that environment.

And so do our kids.

(and their kids, and their grandkids, etc)

And if our environment is poisoned...well, it's going to poison our kids.

This needs to stop.

And the buck stops HERE.

(look in the mirror. Yeah. That's where it needs to stop. With each of us, as individuals)
(And then we need to teach it to our kids, so they can learn to be responsible, too)

Which brings me to my blog series: Going Green

I am going to be showing little ways I find that my family can try to live a little bit more responsibly, in regards to the environment. I'm not going to be perfect at it. My ways won't be 100% responsible, I'm sure...but I want to at least TRY to lessen the burden I'm leaving on this Earth.

Maybe some of these ways will help to inspire you, too.

I hope so.

Because we're neighbors. Even if you live on the other side of the globe. We're neighbors. And we share this world. And we need to take care of it...even if the reason is just so that we can raise healthy babies. Because we've got to start somewhere.

Who's with me?


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