Cooped Up Fun

The weather's been kind of gray and dreary all week.

The kiddos got to go outside and play earlier in the week but mostly they've been cooped up inside.

Which means we read lots of books!

A few weeks ago, we went to the used bookstore and stocked up on some new books.

Here's a few of their favorites from this week:

I am afraid to read this around Antonio...I suspect he'd tell me that I
sound too much like Mrs. Bird. hahaha you remember buying this one for them?
This one has picures in place of some of the words, so that
little ones can grasp the concept of what reading is.

This book is one where they can press buttons when "prompted"
and it makes animal noises.

Hahaha, I remember this being read to my little brother, Matt,
when he was tiny. My dad HATED it.
So I bought it for my kids...on purpose.
I think I enjoy it more than they do. hahaha
Valentine's Day may be long gone, but helping Dora
look for the Silly MailBird's mail bag never gets old!

Researching different MineCraft strategies....

MJ bought some books at the bookstore last weekend, but she's hasn't started any yet.

So here she is, for your viewing pleasure, doing school work!

Oh, the joy of it all!! hahaha

The little guys really love puzzles, too! Levi seems to be drawn to them more lately than Austin.

This puzzle is Levi's favorite because the dinosaurs remind him of snakes.

I also picked this book up to find fun things for us to do around Atlanta when it starts to warm up!

I probably should have checked the publishing date,'s from the 90s! Ooops!

I wonder how many things have been shut down since then...

We all really want to go check out the children's science museaum and some of the "pick your own" farms in the area!

Is it rainy and gloomy in your area, too?

Or is it still snowing where you are?

What do you do to keep little ones occupied when they can't play outside?


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