Weekend Review & a Big Decision

As I was getting ready to write this, I realized that, compared to a lot of people, our weekends are pretty boring. LOL

But it's my life and I love it!

Sunday Afternoon...our family needs 2 tables! hahaha

Friday, after Antonio got home from work, we ran to pick up a couple of pizzas from Little Caesar's.(2 large pizzas for $10. Can't beat that!)

I was supposed to make my own pizzas, but I had gone to the doctor earlier in the afternoon and then got caught up with rental-house-hunting that I completely forgot to make my dough and let it rise!

Ooops!! So we ran out to get pizzas. Then, we decided that wings sounded really good, too. And I guess that Antonio was hungry, because then he had me order half the menu from the Chinese restaurant that we order our wings from. hahaha

While waiting for our Chinese take-out to be ready, we stopped at RedBox. Dude! We got a great deal! We BOUGHT both Maleficent and Disney Planes Fire & Rescue for $10. That's total cost not each! I love buying movies from RedBox! Do you love it, too?!

So we all hung out, family-style, and ate junk and watched Planes Fire & Rescue. It was cute and the littlest guys loved it.

Saturday, after Antonio got home from work, we looked at some more rental houses online but then I convinced him to take me out on a date. He really didn't want to go, so I put on makeup and told him to get his butt in gear because he was taking me OUT. It worked. hahaha

My little guys were still feeling under-the-weather, but I really needed to get out for a little bit to recharge my batteries. Mamas need that sometimes, guys!

My poor little sick nugget

We went to one of our favorite Mexican places. But when we walked in the door, there was a woman sitting right up front, holding a teeny tiny newborn. And I started crying.

I didn't mean to. I tried to hold it back.

But I couldn't help it. It used to be that when I saw a tiny baby, I would think back to my older kiddos and maybe get a little misty-eyed, remembering when they were that itsy bitsy. But, lately, I just see my baby that I lost. The baby that I will never get the chance to hold. I know that I lost the baby early and maybe some people won't understand. A mother's love it hard to explain. I bonded with our little angel immediately and the thought of never holding him/her (though I really feel like it was a girl) is heartbreaking. How long will this last, my crying whenever I see a baby?

So Antonio ordered me a couple of drinks and tried his best to get my mind on happier things.

God, I love that man. So much.

Sunday we were completely planning on going to church. But then we ended up not going. And I do feel bad for that. The kids, especially, really wanted to go. But I couldn't find anything to wear and the baby boys were so tired and throwing a fit, I began getting stressd out over all that plus the fact of us having so many errands to get done, so I caved in way too easily and said that we weren't going.

Instead, we started talking about moving into a rental house and the minor credit issues that are keeping us from buying our own house.

And we decided that we should stay here, in our current rental, another year and work on rebuilding our credit. Then, hopefully, we'll be able to get a house next year! Our very own house!

Our goal now is to make this place work for us better.

And he said that I can redecorate all the rooms, including paint and maybe new living room furniture!


We went to Home Depot to look for supplies to build a better gate on our porch. One that Gypsy can't knock over or jump over when she's hanging out on the porch.

And one that will protect people from the vicious guard dog.

I'm actually not kidding about that.

The other day, she was hanging out in the house, and some guy came to our front door to bring us a community notice. We have a bright Beware Of Dog sign up and a baby gate propped in front of the stairs on the porch, but he opened the gate and came to stick the notice on our door. I guess he thought that the storm door that was between him and Gypsy was strong enough to protect him.

He thought wrong.

Gypsy knows how to open the storm door.

He learned that the hard way.

Luckily, she didn't get him. But it was close. He ran off the porch and barely got the baby gate closed before she reached him. But then she tried to go OVER the gate after him!

So, yeah, we're building a taller sturdier gate. With a very strong latch. And I think we're going to put a plastic box at the bottom of the steps for people to leave notices in. And hang up a big Do Not Enter sign on the gate. hahaha

Oh, yeah...and we're going to put up a screened door with a doggie door built in, so that she can go out on the porch whenever she wants. Which will make that handy dandy tall sturdy gate even more appealling to unexpected visitors, I'm sure!

We're also building another gate (same kind) for the back porch, so that we can put a doggy door on the door to the back porch and she can go in and out as she pleases there, too, and we don't have to worry about her getting out.

She loves to be outside and is always scratching at the door to get out...and then 5 minutes later she's banging on the door to get in. Repeat process for 15 hours every day. So her being able to go in and out whenever she wants to, will probably make my life a little easier.

We also bought new curtains for the kitchen/dining room. I got these curtains because I thought that they were really bright and happy looking.

Unfortunately, I bought the wrong curtain rods, so I need to go exchange them.

I can't wait to get them hung up!

We also got Levi a new carseat! Can you believe he still fit in his infant carseat/carrier? I have really petite babies. Except for Christian. He was HUGE. hahaha

But since Levi was clearly in need of a bigger seat, off we went to Babies R Us.

I wanted a pretty colored one.

That could rear-face and go forward, too.

(Is that what is called a convertible carseat??)

And one that had those "air bag" type pillows around their head.

With big cupholders.

And a comfy seat.

I fell in love with this one right away. And we got $40 off because we traded in his old carseat.

Isn't it so pretty?!

I love it!

But then I got home and started sobbing because....my baby is growing up!! ::sniffle::

The lady at Babies R Us was asking me about cloth diapers. She had never known anyone who cloth diapered before and had lots of questions. I feel bad because I was totally not expecting it and went into Information Overdrive and probably totally overwhelmed her. I'm thinking of printing off some simple info sheets for her and maybe taking some of mine in to show her, so she can see some different kinds they have to offer.

Do any of you do that, too? I mean, are really knowledgeable on a subject...but then when asked about it, you get so excited that you blabber on and on and probably make absolutely no sense at all?


Well, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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