Sunday Funday...and Errands

Sunday is always super busy for us.

After church in the morning, we set out to cram in as many errands as possible before getting the Big Kids back to church for Sunday evening youth group.

I have been wanting to check out grocery stores closer to me for organic produce and products, so I decided to visit the Kroger nearest my house.

Their organic produce left A LOT to be desired.

But we did score some major deals in the dairy department!!

A gallon of organic milk, regular $7, now $2!
Silk Chocolate soy milk, regular $3.20, now $0.89!
Eggs (organic cage-free) were regular $4.39/doz, now $1.99/doz!

I got all of this for under $12!!!

I told Antonio that I definitely want to check out their clearance dairy section EVERY week to see if I can score awesome deals more often!

I should have bought more dairy milk...but it was expiring soon and I was scared it would go bad. But now the gallon is about empty. Maybe Antonio can swing by a couple of Krogers today or tomorrow and check for more on clearance.

At Walmart, I had trouble reaching the paper towels, so Mr. Levi was kind enough to lend his services. hahaha

After we dropped the big kids off at youth group, the little guys were sad.

So we took them for a special treat: sundaes at DQ!!

We did have to put up with the owner of DQ scolding us for not cutting Levi's hair.

He kept telling Levi that he looked like a girl and that he needed a haircut.

I was stunned but, luckily, Levi didn't even care. He just wanted his peanut butter sundae.

Then, after we picked up the kids from church, we came home and watched RIPD.

It was reminded me of Men In Black.

Even Gypsy got into it. LOL

That was our Sunday.

How was yours?


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