Red Raspberry Leaf Tea & Aloe

The doctor has put me on birth control to combat these ovarian cysts.

He will check up on them in 3 months and we will know if they have shrunk or need to be removed.

I really wanted to handle these naturally with herbs and plants...but the doctor feels that those alone won't work in time.

So I guess I will just use a mixture of natural meds and birth control to get rid of these suckers.

A beautiful friend of mine recommended that I try Red Raspberry Leaf tea to help my ovaries heal. I bought some the other day but haven't drank it enough to give a good opinion.

I think the birth control, though, is giving me some mood swings. Is that possible? This soon? It's only been 3 pills...but last night I was super emotional and wanting to cry for no reason... Poor Antonio. hahaha I'm sure he's ready for all this to be over! I know I am!

Oh! I almost forgot! A couple of weeks ago, I bought an aloe plant. I'd never owned one before and never really thought about having one. But as I'm realizing more every day just how well plants can work to heal, I decided that I just had to have one.

And last night I used it! 

I had cut my finger on the scissors while I was trying to open a box.

Not a big cut but it still stung.

And so I snipped off some aloe and rubbed it on the cut really thoroughly then put on a bandaid.

Today, the cut looks good and it doesn't even hurt!

Yay for aloe!

With these kiddos getting "boo boos" all the time from rough-housing, I'm sure the plant will be most useful! Do you use an aloe plant in your home?

You can actually see it "healing" itself after I snipped off an end!

So awesome!


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