Oh, What a Week!

Well, this past week has been difficult.

Some physically difficult...but mostly emotionally.

But let's start with some good!

Last weekend, we went and bought some more odds and ends to spruce up our home.

Including a new kitchen/dining area light fixture.

I was so tired of it being so dim and bleak with the old light.

This week, we got the new kitchen/dining area curtains hung...and the light, too!

See how pretty:

I love how bright and cheery it is now!!!

I really needed the cheeriness of the kitchen and all the sunlight. I've just been feeling really depressed lately. Back on Wednesday, one of my ovarian cysts ruptured.

Let me tell you...it was painful.

It was like a short labor.

It lasted only about 15-20 minutes, but during that time, I was lying on the floor, shrieking.

I couldn't move.

My 14 year old daughter gathered up her younger brothers and got them playing quietly in the back playroom, then came up front with me to rub my back.

Antonio was at work but I was able to dial his number and he came right home.

While it was happening, I knew what it was. It was in my lower abdomen/upper pelvic area. I couldn't even touch my lower stomach, it just hurt too badly. It was in my lower back. It was like I was being stabbed. I just KNEW that it was either a cyst rupturing or twisting. But when the pain slowly started easing, I knew that it was just a rupture. 

MJ ran and got my bed ready and helped me climb in. I stayed there all day.

My littlest ones thought that I might be bored, so they made sure to keep me busy until Daddy got home.

But a day in bed with a heating pad, watching American Horror Story Coven and then a hot bath in the evening really helped me to feel better.

But there's only so far a hot bath can take you when yucky winter weather has everyone cooped up all week. And there's a limit to how many times I can read the same books over and over and over...

So we bundled the kids up on Friday for a surprise field trip to....Chuck E Cheese!

Everyone got to burn off some energy and have a great time!

So after a week of intense praying, countless glasses of herbal tea, lots of story times and amazing time spent with the ones I love most, I have to say that I survived this week! 


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