My 1st Time!

Guys, I am so excited! Tonight was my first time for....

visiting a local Mexican bakery
visiting a local Herb Shop

What? What did you think I meant?!

Oh, for Pete's sake...I have FOUR kids. Get your mind out of the gutter.... Besides, there is nothing in that department that I haven't tried at least once. heeheehee

It all started today when I was cleaning the kitchen and the phone rang.

It was Urgent Care calling with my ultrasound results that I had done earlier in the week.

Diagnosis: 1 cyst on my right ovary and 2 very large ones on my left ovary.

I was pissed because just ONE WEEK AGO my gynecologist stood over me, with my feet in the stirrups, and told me very clearly that I did not have any ovarian cysts. I had been complaining to him for 5 months of the pain and he finally did an exam to check.

One week ago, people!

So I went to Urgent Care to figure out what was wrong.

So, yeah. I am pissed.

Antonio and I decided to head over to a local store that sells herbal remedies and supplements.

But, on the way, he made a detour.

He wanted to take me to a Mexican bakery.

An authentic one.

Typically, if we buy Mexican bread (whch is not like sandwich bread at all, guys. This is all sugary and fat-filled and sooo good), we usually would buy it out of the back of a Suburban.


Ladies from these bakeries drive around mainly Hispanic neighborhoods and knock on doors, selling their delicious wares from the back of their vehicles.

(It also works that way for cheese, shoes, clothes, name it LOL)

But what awaited me inside the rickety door of this bakery....oooooh....they have dozens of different pastries, cookies, donuts, churros, flan, cupcakes, cakes, Mexican sodas, fruit nectars...a plethora of absolute yumminess!!

Seeing as how I have a problem with comfort eating, I loaded up a tray for the family.

They bagged it and sent us on our way.

Then we continued on to the Herb Shop.

I won't lie. I have seen this place a hundred times before. But I was leery of it. I pictured a long-haired teenage stoner standing behind a counter, surrounded in smoke and burning incense, just half-heartedly ringing up your order.

I was afraid of really needing expert direction and being stuck at the whim of someone who couldn't care less.

So I cautiously entered the store....

It was AWESOME!!!!

The guy was extremely knowledgeable.

He intently listened to everything I told him that was going on.

He asked me a few questions about my use of plastics around my house. He told me that ovarian cysts are caused by an imbalance of extra estrogen in my body. He said that most of the time that stems from an abundance of BPA in the body, along with other toxins.

He encouraged me to research products that contain BPA and try to eliminate them from my life.

I am definitely going to be doing that.

He also explained some ins and outs of ovarian cysts and what my doctor's recommendation was most likely going to be for such large cysts: surgery.

I explained that I still had every intention of following up with another doctor in the practice (NEVER seeing that other doctor again, thank you very much!). I want to be sure this isn't anything cancerous. But I would like to try to treat it on my own before resorting to any surgical procedures.

Now, look, this guy could have sold me hundreds of dollars of products.

I was like a thirsty woman in the desert and this was an oasis.

But he directed us to a box of tea.

He said that he wanted me to detox my system.

Get the excess estrogen out.

Get my body cleansed.

I asked if I had to stay near a bathroom while detoxing with the tea...he said "Nope. This tea has no laxative effects." He said that he has done it before and that it really does make you feel better. He said that he loved how well he was sleeping when drinking the tea. He says they frequently use it to treat fibroids, cancer patients, cysts... It is apparently an amazing tea.

That's all he sold me.

That's all he even tried to sell me.

He explained how to drink it. He told me to drink the whole box (it'll take me awhile to get through it) and then to come back. If I'm still exhibiting the pains of the cysts, he said I'll probably drink another box of it. But if not, he wants to get me started on an herbal regimen to get my hormones balanced. And stay balanced.


That place had lots of essential oils, too, so I can't wait to go back!

Well, that was my evening of "firsts". hahaha

Did you do anything new today?


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