Menu Monday (Feb 23-28)

(Menu items that are blue and/or underlined are a recipe link. Click on the link to get the recipe!)


Broccoli Rice Bake


Veggie Burgers with french fries



Grilled Cheese and Avocado Sandwiches with Southwestern Stew and Corn Dumplings


If we go out on one of these nights, we'll have pizza for the kiddos

on the other night when we eat as a family, it will be

Corn Dogs and Macaroni & Cheese

Sooo...not the healthest week....but still lots better than eating out.

Our grocery bill was pretty high this week, but I bought a lot of "extras", like Avocado Oil (for cooking and facial cleanser), a couple of specialty herbal teas and ingredients for juicing Green Juice all this week. And fruit for making homemade healthy (no sugar added) aguas frescas with fresh fruits. I thought Antonio was going to make me stay and bag groceries to work off the grocery bill! hahaha


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