Marvelous Monday!

The little boys have chosen a new favorite book of the week!

I am now reading "Are You My Mother" 12,000 times a day. 

It was really cute the first 10,429 times....

I wanted a sweet treat in the afternoon, so I blended myself up a Date Coconut "Smoothie" was soooo good!

I just put in a handful of pitted dates into the blender (do NOT forget to take out the seeds or you'll break your blender!) and then poured in some Silk unsweetened coconut milk.

Soooo yummy!

I also remembered to make my pizza dough on time! haha

This time I made it a few hours early and gave it extra time to rise.

My pepper was busy making babies while she was hanging in my fridge..that little tramp!

I love it when they turn out pretty AND delicious!

When Antonio brought the mail in, he had a treat for me! A letter from a beautiful girlfriend of mine...we've been friends since high school and love the thrill of getting letters in the we pen-pal each other whenever we have time!

She always decorates the envelopes with the cutest stickers!

After dinner, Antonio & Christian built me that gate for my front porch I was telling you about!

Look how pretty it turned out!

Thanks, guys!!!

I love it!!!

Well, that was my Monday.

How was yours?


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