All Natural Cure...Yeast Infection

So, if you know me, I'm not really that squeamish about bodily functions.

To an extent, I mean, there are some things that are embarrassing...

But some things are just a fact of life and I think that the problem is, is that we are too embarrassed to talk about them.

The only person we are comfortable talking about them to is a doctor.

Who will prescribe a prescription or over-the-counter drug, in most cases.

They are not taught homeopathy or natural living/cures/remedies.

So let me tackle this one for you, maybe helping save you some time, money and from putting dangerous, unnecessary chemicals into your body.


Recently, we encountered a case of yeast in our home. I immediately began looking into natural cures for this itchy and irritating ailment.

And I came across one of my favorites: GARLIC

Now, there are 2 ways that you can cure a yeast infection with garlic.

Both ways should cure a yeast infection in 1-2 days.

Method 1: (for females) Take an organic clove of garlic. Peel off the papery skin. Slice the clove in half, putting one half away for another use. Wrap in a thin layer of gauze. Use a needle to thread a string through the middle of the half-clove and gauze, then tie the two loose ends together. (be sure to remove the needle first! haha) So, then what you'll have is a halved clove of garlic (in gauze) hanging like a pendant on a thread necklace. Does that make sense?

Insert the garlic clove (well, the half on a string) into your vagina, pushing as far up as possible. The string acts like a tampon string, allowing you to remove it in the morning, easily, by just pulling the string.

According to what I've read, it is best to do this method at night, because it will actually give you garlic breath in your mouth! Most women find this...strange...and do it at night, when no one is around to smell their breath. Plus, your body does it's best healing at night, so it works out perfectly!

In the morning, just pull on the string and remove the clove and flush it.

Word on the crunchy street is, garlic breath will immediately go away when you remove it.

It should have your yeast infection cleared by morning, but for a tougher infection that is still there come morning, repeat this process the next night.

Method 2: (for everyone) Take an organic clove of garlic. Peel off the papery skin. Mince the garlic (be sure to remove the green "string" inside the clove, which tends to be the main culprit of garlic breath) and mix with a bit of warm water. Down the mixture like a shot, not chewing the garlic pieces. You can also, if you prefer, juice the clove into a glass of water and just drink it that way.

Do this several times a day.

The infection should be cleared up after a day of this.

If it's not completely gone, repeat these steps for another day.

So, you're probably wondering which method we used.

We did Method 2. Drinking it.

Results: Yeast infection gone after 1 day.


nina said…
interesting.. I would think that a Garlic Clove all up inside my Wisdom would burn like Heck or hot Grits Batman!
I have heard that it can burn some women, so buyer beware! LOL But, seriously though, you can wrap it in several layers of thin gauze before sticking the thread through both the gauze AND the clove...that will keep the actual clove from irritating the sensitive skin but allow it to still work its magic. If unsure or leery, I would recommend going the oral route and leave your oracle garlic-free. ::wink::

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