A Board Game Kind of Day

As a household with 4 kiddos, it should go without saying that we have 

a lot of toys.

Like, a lot.

So for AussieBear's 4th birthday, I wanted to get him some kick-butt presents that he would love...but not a lot of toys.

He was always wanting to play with the bigger kids' board games, but didn't really understand how to play them.

(Do any of you have that dilemma in your home, too?)

So I looked into board games for preschoolers....but not the usual suspects.

And one of the gems I came across was

Hoot Owl Hoot

So that's what Aussie and I played together today while Levi was napping and the big kids were doing their schoolwork.

He is doing soooo good with learning his colors!

And we helped all the baby owls get back home! 

So while the sun is hiding and gloomy skies prevail...and the tv doesn't come on until tonight....

Aussie and Mommy sat on the floor and had ourselves a fun time together!!!

Thought you would enjoy the half-nakedness that seems to flourish
round these here parts, Cari...


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