Yep, It's Tuesday

My minions...muahahaha
12:02 am

Katie (our little dog) knocked over the Christmas tree.

Yes, yes, Katie. I know that the tree should have gone down weeks ago. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I am out of time. We stand the tree back up and said that we would deal with it in the morning.

8:35 am

Toilets are inexplicably backed up. And are backing up into the bathtubs.

GAH!!! This is an ongoing problem here!!! I CANNOT wait to move!!!

9:05 am

Antonio finishes trying to (unsuccessfully) to clear plumbing and heads off to work. I stare at the mountains of laundry I need to do and whine ask him oh-so-patiently what I am supposed to do. He says not to worry...that the pipes will settle and be clear in an hour.

10:08 am

I call Antonio to tell him that the pipes in the back of the house are still clogged. And still backed up into the tub. Thank God I have a big bottle of bleach for cleaning it out!

10:17 am

Gypsy knocks down the tree.

Getting the message, loud and clear, girls!!

10:20 am

The kids and I begin disassembling the tree and puttng everything away in boxes.

10:50 am

Levi walks up to MJ (who is busy wrapping ornaments in bubble wrap) & proceeds to smear oatmeal all over her hands.

11:07 am

Big kids are arguing. AussieBear is "stealing" the bubble wrap from the big kids and popping the bubbles. Levi is in the playroom, banished there after the oatmeal-smearing incident.


You know, people are always saying how evil Mondays are.

But, around here, Mondays come disguised as Tuesdays.

P.S. On the plus side, my tree is now down and put away! :-)

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