Turning Off the TV

Today is Day 4 of limited television time and it's working splendidly!!

The tv time is limited even for me.

I find that I get a lot more done around the house when I keep it off.

We all do!!

Such as.....

Story Time!!

Picking out a book is serious business.
This is only a small fraction of our personal library.
Mama reads AussieBear George & Martha early in the
morning while Levi was still sleeping.

Lots of fun was to be had when we used our imagingations with an empty egg carton and some Easter eggs!! Levi "cooked" eggs for everyone!

I love this picture of Levi!
He played with these eggs for HOURS!!

Play-Doh Creations!!

Getting my slow cooker dinner actually started on time.

I made minestrone soup with fresh zucchini and pasta in mine today.

I'll be pairing it with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Lots of laundry washed, folded and actually put away. In their appropriate places!! ::gasp::

It is SCARY how much laundry piles up when, first, Mama is sick
and then the plumbing goes on the fritz...
These are all things that are basic things that should absolutely be done, especially when you're a proud housewife, like I am. And I do do these things all the time. But oftentimes the tv distracts me and I don't give things my full attention. And the boys don't really want to play with other things...not when the tv is competing for their time and attention.

A friend of mine and I were talking about how we go about limiting the time in our own homes. I find it works best for our family to keep the tv off all day and just turn it on for a little bit before bedtime. She does the opposite in her home. They turn on the tv for a little bit early in the day and none allowed in the evening.

What about you? Do you limit tv time in your house, too? If so, how do the logistics work there?


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