Mommy-Daughter Morning

MJ and I had long-overdue girl time this morning.

We decided to get her brand-spanking-new sewing machine all put together and I would teach her how to sew.

We got off to a rocky start know: teen girl hormones.

And lost instruction manuals.

And a mama with little-to-no patience, initially.

But then we had a a proper Do Over.

And we started again.

And we found the directions.

And we pored over the directions, trying to figure out exactly WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THOSE HANDS DOING???

But then it all came together, we got the bobbin threaded, got the needle threaded (DUDE! Since when did they make needles that thread themselves?!!! Awesome!!)

And then I taught MJ about the basics of sewing machine stuff.

She had grand plans of sewing a purse out of an old pair of jeans.

But I nixed that idea and told her that she needed to practice sewing straight lines with a basic stitch.

Which she did. She made beautiful lines!

Then, after I was distracted, she made herself a little pocket. And Daddy came home and taught her the cool "trick" of turning it inside out and the seams "disappear"!

(Yeah, I failed as a sewing instructor by not teaching her that "trick")

And that was our morning together. She wanted us to also paint our nails with the new polish I bought last night, a light blue color, but we didn't get a chance to yet.


Hey, I got a Date Night with my man last night!

Do we look uber-intelligent with our glasses? haha

We went to a local Mexican restaurant and just relaxed, talking about weird things that are going around on Facebook. Facebook is my newspaper. I read it with my morning coffee.

Then he and I discussed the stories and laughed at what idiots there are in the world while munching on guacamole and tortilla chips.

By the way, that whole No TV All Day thing is going really well.

Levi hard at work at his office

 And this is what Austin has looked like by 8 pm all week:

Out cold. hahahaha


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