Me vs. Google+

I am amazed at how "out of it" I am when it comes to the internet.


I decided to give in and sign up for a Google+ account and then link my blog to it. I thought it would help me to connect with more people.

But it took me HOURS to figure out how Google+ works!!!

I swear there are probably preschoolers that could set themselves up with an account.

Why couldn't I figure it out?!!

Then, I get it set up but erased all of the pictures on my blog???

So then I figured out how to get them back on...I think.

Let me know if everything goes all blank on here, would ya? ;-)

Okay, well, I have homemade chili simmering on the stove and I have to go check on it. Antonio went to pick the kids up from church youth group, so I need to check on the cornbread, too.

I'll be back later!!

Anyone else on here have trouble figuring out all of these social networking sites?!!

(Don't even get me started on Twitter. I gave up on that ages ago. When I found out that 93-year old Betty White has a Twitter account, I cried. Even she can figure it out....::sniffle:: LOL)

HEY!!! I almost completely forgot!!! So now that I'm on Google+, ya wanna follow me?? I know you do. ;-) I think the link to Follow me (or whateve Google+ calls it) is in the right sidebar...under my picture!! And if you need help setting up a Google+ account...well...don't ask me! haha

Homemade cornbread, from scratch

I can even do homemade chili.
Just not technology stuff...blah


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