Gratitude Series....My Husband

Whenever I am having a bad day and I just want to curl up into a ball and cry, I try to remind myself to be grateful. 

Even when you think that your life is so horrible, just remember that to someone else, your life is their fairy tale.

Be grateful for all that you have been blessed with.

For an undetermined amount of time, I am going to write about some of the things that I am most grateful for. They definitely deserve to be acknowledged. :)

Soooo.....what is the first thing I am grateful for?

My husband, Antonio.

We have been married for 11 years and we have 4 amazing children. We have most definitely had our bumps in the road...and continue to experience them. But I guess that's what happens when you're so passionate about life. ;)

Antonio has been my support system when I felt that no one else could see my vision.

He has enthusiastically supported my dream of homeschooling my children. Even when we were surrounded by people who thought (and still think) that is not a wise decision that we are making.

He is an amazing hands-on father. He has always chosen to spend time with his kids, instead of running around with his friends. He would much rather spend the evening playing card games with the kids, teaching them how to play soccer or ride bikes. He is the first one to bring a little one, wakened by a bad dream, to bed with us, so that they are no longer afraid. He even learned how to use cloth diapers when I tried that route a few years ago!

He has taught me to hold my head high and to be proud of myself and my choices. He has always told me to never let myself think that someone else is a better person than me. 

He has always been my biggest fan. Even when I screw up. Okay, maybe not when I screw up. At first. Sometimes he heaves big sighs. And rolls his eyes. And does that whole "ay yi yi" thing that Mexicans sometimes say that drives me crazy. But, when push comes to shove, and the world is against me, I know for certain that he has my back. We are a united front. 

He taught me how to cook. It's true. As much as I love cooking now and even though my cooking now rocks and tastes amazing (usually) twasn't always so. Once upon a time, I only knew how to cook one meal: meatloaf and instant mashed potatoes. Oh, I would try to jazz it up and buy different flavors of instant mashed potatoes (I'm totally trying not to gag now when I think back on it...hahaha), but that was the grand total sum of my culinary skills. For the first 3 months of our marriage, he ate meatloaf and mashed potatoes EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Then I graduated to frozen dinners. Like salisbury steak. guessed it....instant mashed potatoes.

I eventually realized that there was more out there, food-wise, and began checking out cookbooks from the library. But I didn't know how to know when the chicken was done cooking. How to cook beans. How to improvise if I didn't have the right ingredients. Antonio taught me how to do all that. He still thinks it's weird that I try to follow the cookbooks instructions sometimes, but keeps encouraging me to alter recipes to make them fit our family's tastes.

Wanna know a secret? My meatloaf is still one of the family favorites!! I don't make it nearly as often. Maybe once every couple of months. But it is the meal they usually request when I ask for input. :) And my mashed potatoes? From scratch, baby!!! hahahaha

Antonio is the one who encouraged me to look into natural remedies instead of always relying on bottles of pills from the drugstore. He has taught me the incredible power that lemons hold. And chamomile. 

Antonio is an incredible provider for his family. It is awe-inspiring, to be honest. He works his fingers to the bone to provide for his family and allow me to stay home and be with the kids. There have been weeks when he was working over 90 hours a week. He has worked 3 jobs just to take care of his family. He is now trying to pass that work ethic on to our 11 year old son, so that he will be a good provider for his family, too, one day.

I have an infinite list of things that I am grateful to Antonio for, but I'm going to have to end this before my kids decide that they no longer have a mommy, as theirs has been lost to the blogosphere. ;)

I love you, Antonio. Thank you for choosing to spend your life with me.


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