A Very Casual Date Night Indeed

This was not taken tonight. This was taken on a day that I actually wanted to get dressed.
Mr. Hippie and myself like to make Date Nights a weekly thing. Sometimes more than just once a week, if we can sneak away for a little afternoon delight. And by "afternoon delight", I mean something along the lines of stopping in at Dairy Queen for a $5 lunch deal on the way home from the hospital. Yeah. Cuz we're just awesome like that. And their peanut butter sundaes are aawwwwweeesome!!!

Anyway, tonight I felt lazy and didn't want to dress up. To be honest, it took everything I had to even change out of my pajamas. Yeah. Lazy. Sexy, right? hahaha Oh, hold onto your seats, folks...it gets even better...I didn't even want to get out of the car. Oh yeah.

So Sonic's it was. We had breakfast for dinner (steak and egg burritos) with a strawberry candy slush. Have you ever had one of those??? ::gasp:: Best.Drink.Ever!! It's a strawberry slush with Nerds (the candy) mixed in. Yummo!!

Yep. We sat in the van, eating our burritos, the rain splashing outside and talked about absolutely nothing. 

And it was absolutely perfect.

Do you and your sweetie have Date Nights, too?


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