Change Your Thinking! Change Your Life!

The sad truth is, we live in a culture of immediate gratification and a ballooned sense of entitlement. These warped values are pounded into our heads on a frighteningly regular basis by our peers, radio ads and television.

Fast food!
Crash diets!
Eat what you want and still lose weight!
No exercise required!

Stop buying the hype! It is only going to sabotage your progress towards whatever goal you are trying to obtain.

The truth is, you cannot eat whatever you want (above your caloric limit) and not exercise and expect to lose weight and be healthy.

I have a daily limit of 1200 calories a day. I have made the choice to make the most of my calories. Let's say that I know that I'm going to want a hot coffee in the afternoon, maybe it's to satisfy a craving for sweets (my coffees are like me...very sweet lol) or because I am cold & want to warm up. Whatever the reason! And I know that I am not wanting to do extra exercise to burn off the extra calories, if I am nearing my limit. Well, I have to make a choice. Usually, I will pass up having my chicken salad (or egg salad...or whatever lunch happens to be) on bread. By eating it with a fork instead of bread, I have freed up an extra 110 calories to be able to eat/drink instead! So I can then have my coffee & not feel guilty. Does that make sense?

If I chose to keep blinders on (the same ones I had on for years), I would say "To hell with it! This is my body & my life and I'll eat whatever I want." And that, my friends, is what held me back from reaching my fitness goals. It's holding lots of other people back, too.

Change your thinking and you will change your life!!!!


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