Help! I'm Stuck In a Time/Creativity Suck!!

Hello, all my lovely readers! Yes, yes, I realize what a shock this is to your systems. A post!! ::gasp!!:: And let me just tell you, this almost didn't happen. I think my kids & husband have some sort of monitoring system that alerts them to whenever I am about to rest or do something worthwhile (to me) and/or creative. And once that alarm sounds, it's like Mission Impossible. They are all over me like they are a gang of hungry cockroaches and I am the last moldy hotdog in the world.

Wow. I just totally described the loves of my life to cockroaches. Even worse, I likened myself to a weiner. Whatever. You can't fight the truth. ;)

Right now, as I am typing this post, I am simultaneously constructing (and reconstructing. And reconstructing again. And again. And again. And, lord help us all, again) a Lego Jeep for Austin. See, Daddy & the big kids are all either in bed or hiding in the bathroom. Levi is too tired to do much damage, so it's all up to Austin to keep me busy & try to stop the Creativity Process. But the poor guy is no match for me. He is a novice. I am armed with an extra large mug of coffee, a laptop...and superior Lego-building-with-one-hand skills.

So, alas, here I am, battling the odds (and the overwhelming need to pee....thanks to that extra large mug of coffee I mentioned), just trying to bring you this blog post! :D See? I love you!!!

Things have been rather hectic around here lately. Nothing that would interest you all too much, but has kept me on my toes. Over the last month-and-a-half, I have had 4 (count 'em: F-O-U-R...oh. Well, I guess that's more like "spell 'em", not "count 'em"...) women join my Avon sales team!! I have been training three of them & trying to pretend that I am the consummate professional. When in reality I am a very large dork with a penchant for hosting meetings & assembling PowerPoint presentations. ;)

Oh, here's a little jewel that you may find amusing. If not, who cares? I am in control of this keyboard & you are just along for the ride. So suck it up. Anyway, I was in the bathroom the other day after a long car ride. What was I doing in there? Man, are you nosey!! It's none of your business, man! Anyway, I was in the bathroom and my oldest son came running up to the door to relay a message to me. All of you mommies out there know what that's like. He is all excited & telling me that an Avon lady was at the door. Well, I (stupidly) assume that he means that its one of the ladies in my Sales Team. So I tell him to tell her that I was in the bathroom. Thirty seconds later, after tripping while trying to pull my pants up while running, I get to my front find a strange woman at the door. Yes, folks, a woman had been driving past my house & saw my Avon decal on the back of my mini van & stopped to place an order. And yes, people, she was informed of my bathroom activities upon her arrival. How wonderful...and not at all embarrassing.

On a different note, I have been toying with the idea of going back to cloth diapering. Do you know how large of a mountain of moolah I can save by NOT having to buy disposable diapers for two boys?! But my genious self lost 3 out of my 4 diaper covers & hubby refuses to buy me more, so I am left to try & figure out how to get the funds to invest in some cloth.

And covers.

And washable wipes.

Ugh. That just sounds like so much work. It's really not. But it sounds like it. And that makes me tired just thinking about it.

Well, that seems to be the end of our little rendevouz today. Three out of four kids are up. Austin called in the big guns & they are good. They want to discuss the diaper rash that has been bothering Austin (hahahahaha! Originally I put my husband's name there!! LOL). And my trying to continue with this post is just reassuring them of their innermost belief: I am a selfish bastard. So let me get off here & discuss the merits of coconut oil vs Vaseline on a diaper rash...

Until next time!! xoxoxoxo


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