Don't Cry Over Spilled....Wax?

I have been craving Change. No, that's not some hot surfer guy down at the mall. I'm talking about changing things around in my home.

Now that Levi is 6 months old and Austin is almost 2 (::sniffle::), I am finally perking up enough to want to start getting my house cute again. Or maybe its because I'm trying to focus more on homemaking and less on work. Or maybe its because the holidays are coming & that always seems to perk up my Susie Homemaker inner-self. Except when I'm pregnant & crabby. Even Susie Homemaker hides like a little b*tch when I'm pregnant.

But I don't really think that it's just because the holidays are quickly approaching that I'm wanting to get things organized, redecorated & cute. I've always been obsessed with homemaking.

So today I decided that I was going to tackle the front living room, which is where we all spend most of our time. Antonio had gone to a side job in the morning, leaving me alone with my plans. Actually, he had no clue about my plans. Neither did I, as a matter of fact, until about 30 seconds before I started dragging couches around the room.

First of all, am I the only mom that is scared to look under her couches?! Holy moly!! It's like 2/3 of my kids' toy collections are shoved under there!! Along with trash & half-eaten cookies!! was a nightmare. So I got that all cleaned up.

I was in a groove. I moved things. I picked up toys & put them away. I threw away garbage-y things. Then I'd vacuum. A nice little groove. I may have even sang a little bit, but don't tell.

Then I did something stupid. See, I have this electric potporri burner thing that I plug in & put those little fragrance wax tarts in. They melt beautifully & everyone always remarks on how great my house smells! Unfortunately, I had my burner sitting (plugged in) on my end table.

I was vacuuming. IN MY GROOVE.

I wanted to vacuum under the table.

I moved the table without unplugging the burner!!!

It was like it was in slow motion. I swear I mentally said "Fuck it" before it happened, it happened that slowly.

The cord on the burner is short. Freakishly short. As I was pulling the table away from the wall, the cord stretched all the way....and then the burner flipped off of the table!!

Even worse, the wax was bright red. Damned Candied Caramel Apple wax.

It splattered all up two of my walls (the table was sitting in a corner) and all over my cream-beige carpet!! E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

At first I was totally freaking out because I figured that Antonio was going to kill me. I called my mom because...well, I guess because I like to torture myself. No, honestly I really do love my mom, but she often picks some of the most inopportune moments to discuss certain things. Such as today. During my Wax Crisis. She decided that this would be the perfect time to point out how my homeschooling my kids & having my daughter help me with the babies is going to lead to her getting pregnant at a freakishly early age.

So yeah.

Luckily Antonio got home during said conversation. He walked it & saw red wax all over the place. Probaby figured it was some sort of morbid Halloween bloody display. He just said "What happened here?" kind-of shocked.

I was too cried-out at that point to even shed a tear, but I told him what had happened. He was awesome! He went to his tool box & took out a paint scraper & knelt down on the floor. Within 20 minutes, he had scraped almost all of the wax off of the wall!!

He said that he thought that he could get most of the wax out of the carpet, but that he'd tackle it later on.

Then we put some cardboard over the waxy carpet & laid one of the kids' play rugs on top of it. Then sat the toddler toy box on top of it.


Like it never happened.

Almost. LOL

As irony would have it, a friend of mine was on Facebook today asking about how to get candle wax out of jeans.

Fall must be here & us ladies are all excitedly breaking out our yummy scented candles!!

What about you?? Are you slowly filling your home with candles?? Or, as in my case, wax tart melts? ;-)


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