A Sunday Drive & Mini Adventure

Hi guys! Look at this! A post! Finally! And on a weekend, to boot! Wow, double bonus! ;-)

But today was such a wonderful one that I just wanted to share it with you all! :-)

On a typical Sunday, we usually drive around a bit. Usually around the same areas every week, looking for something to do. And then, the cherry on top: we finish off the weekend by....grocery shopping! Whoooo! The excitement! ::rolls eyes::

But today was different! We meant to head out to the flea market. I absolutely adore flea markets! But it closes early on Sunday & we got a bit of a late start, so we ended up not making it out there.

We went instead to Once Upon A Child (a used clothing & whatnot store for babies & kids) with a specific goal in mind: buy a new potty seat for Austin. As we were walking in the front door, I spotted the most ADORABLE costume for Austin! It's a secret what it is, but rest assured that it is SO STINKING CUTE! They ended being lacking in nice potty seats but at least we struck gold with the costume! I also got him a potty training book geared for kids. Mahri & I fell in love with some flower hair clips & bought a couple. So it ended up being a great store visit!

Then Daddy took us for a drive....around downtown Atlanta! We got to see all of the huge buildings up close and check out smaller little cute places. Atlanta is awesome! I had no idea! There were SO MANY awesome diners & little bistros that I want to go to!

It also happened to be Dragon*Con in Atlanta! All around us were people dressed in costumes & looking pretty cool! I tried to take a picture of a half-naked Tarzan-looking guy, but unfortunately he blended into the crowd before I could get my shot. Boo! ;-)

Then we took the chicks to the airport! Nooooo, not to ship them off to distant relatives, giving me a nice little vacation... ;-) but just to hang out & watch the airplanes taking off & landing. The chicks absolutely LOVED it!

Then we came home to relax. We were going to go to the drive-in, but Mommy & Daddy are just too wore out! LOL

Well, that was our little Sunday adventure. I love the picture of my little chick leaning out the (parked) car window, trying to watch the airplanes!

What did you do today?


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