Long Time, No See!

Hi ya'll! I know, I know, its been AGES since I last wrote. I'm sorry! I've just had 85 million things going on & have had approximately 15 thousand mental breakdowns. Chalk it all up to woman- and mommyhood, I guess!

I guess I should update you all on my weight loss progress. Well, its not great but its not bad either. I'm stuck between 163-166...but at least I'm not gaining everything back, right? That could be due to my sensitivity to Gluten, though. Taking breads away from me proved to be exactly what I needed...however, I'm still pretty pissed about it.

I've also gotten back into my Avon groove. But my manager is worried that I am making things much harder for myself than they need to be. I have been going door-to-door handing out catalogs & then returning a week later to check to see if they wanted to place an order. She stressed the importance of not burning myself out...plus, how can I possibly gain new customers if I'm constantly needing to go back & check on the same books. She said that instead of going to follow up on the books, I only need to place a quick call to the customer. Soooo that's what I'll need to do from now on! I'm in this to make money...not waste it on gas, making unnecessary trips!

Well, I would love to write a longer post, but the baby has been very fussy & not napping well at all. So now he's back up & I need to run!



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