My Fear Of...Cookie Cutters

Some people are afraid of snakes.

Some are afraid of spiders.

Some fear clowns (I'll never understand that one...).

Others cringe at the thought of being up high in the air.


What's my great fear?

Cookie cutters.

I don't mean that I hide behind a couch whenever my kids bust out the tree-shaped plastic cookie cutters....its more like I casually hide them in the bottom of a deep box & stash the box in our storage unit.

In a different city.

Ok, so I'm not afraid afraid, like I'm scared they're gonna get me while I sleep....

But its a fear of using them.

Weird, huh? Yeah. I don't get me, either.

Any food project that requires cookie cutters is avoided at all costs.

Make 10,000 pounds of fudge? Can do!

Making Alfredo sauce from scratch? Absolutely!

Make a beach out of vanilla wafers on my daughter's Little Mermaid birthday cake? You betcha!

Cut out a sugar cookie to look like an adorable bunny? Ain't happenin', folks.

I cannot tell you the absolute joy I experienced when my mom bought me a set of 100 cookie cutters.

And hounded me for 3 Christmases on why I wasn't making cut-out cookies for the kids to decorate.

Apparently the 12 pounds of fudge I made her was a wasted effort.

It wasn't reindeer-shaped.

I wonder if it has anything to do with my fear of commitment....?

Maybe I fear the permanence of shaping my food.... (heeheehee)

Well, regardless of the logic behind it, I am determined to face this fear!

I will shape cookies!

I will frost unabashedly!

I will sprinkle with all my might! which box did I hide them in???


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