Day 3: I Hate Eggs

I'm making this short, guys, because I'm tired. I wrote a long post this morning (bc this is about yesterday) but Blogger app erased it. :-( Sorry!

Morning Weigh-In: 176

Weight Loss/Gain: -2 lbs

Physical Activity: None.

Meals & Snacks:  I ate Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks around my usual time, but dinner was late & I just had bacon & eggs.

Any Cravings: Not in the morning, but I had a stressful evening & just wanted to binge. I was dying for sugary foods.

Signs of Detox: I woke up feeling weak, lightheaded & shaky. I felt that way for several hours.

Any Cheating: Nope! I'm so happy with my restraint!

I am getting so sick of eggs, though. I need to find a new breakfast food. Lunch, too, because I'm really starting to hate these foods & I don't want to be completely miserable for the next week & a half...


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