Day 2: I ::HEART:: Jello

Hi there! Well, by reading this you can figure out that I survived Day 2. Yeah, baby! ::fist pumping like a jersey girl::

Let's review Day 2, shall we?

Morning Weigh-In: 178

Weight Loss/Gain: -2 lbs

Physical Activity: Let's just call a spade a spade: I'm lazy. Exercise has never interested me in the slightest. My workout from Day 1 had me sore all day. I told myself this morning that I would exercise 3 times a week: M, W, F. I thought that was pretty good. But, see, another thing that I am, besides lazy, is that I'm really good at guilt tripping. Even guilt tripping myself. Especially myself! So, anyway, as sore as I was, it kept eating at me how I should be exercising. I want to see that dial on the scale keep moving to a smaller number each day. These first two weeks are critical to my success. 9 pm I did a workout. I did a Carb Burner workout. Just 10 minutes, but I am happy with it. I got moving & broke a sweat. To me, that counts!

Meals/Snacks: Meals weren't exactly on time today but still much better than yesterday. Plus I got to eat my snacks, which really did help control my hunger.

Any Cravings: None like Day 1! I did end up drinking some Cherry Coke Zero, which is SBD-approved. That helped fight my soda cravings. Then I had sugar-free Jello for my afternoon snack & that totally helped with my sweet tooth. I was actually able to pick up the pan of leftover cake & put it away with no big desire to lick the pan. LOL

Signs of Detox: Last night (Day 1) I was having hot flashes & sweating. Not too bad, but enough that I was thinking I had a slight fever. I also had some strange dreams, which I've read are normal when you detox. I woke up with a sore throat & later in the day I got a mild headache. Not much issue with my emotions today.

Any Cheating: Yes and no. I had a fat free Light & Fit yogurt, which I thought was allowed on Phase 1. Turns out it really isn't bc its kinda high in carbs due to the dairy in it. But because I am breastfeeding, I am supposed to put more dairy into my Phase 1 than the average Joe. So, I didn't really cheat.

Well, that sums up Day 2! I'm really, really happy that today went so well. Hopefully tomorrow doesn't jump up & bite me in the seat meat! ;-) And I'm really hoping that tomorrow's Weigh-In shows more weight loss!


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