Day 1: Emotional Detox & Cravings

Good morning! I thought I'd wait til this morning to journal about yesterday. First day of my diet.

Morning Weigh In: 180

Weight Loss/Gain: 0 (obviously LOL)

Physical Activity: I tried to do a half-hour boot camp-type exercise video. It called for the use of 2-5 lb weights. I had to improvise & use my 3 lb candle stick holders. I made it 16 minutes in before collapsing on the floor in a sweaty heap. Yeah. It was that bad. But at least I tried!

Meals & Snacks: I woke up late & threw off my whole schedule. I ate breakfast at 11, lunch at 3 and dinner at 8 or so. I had a handful of almonds at some point between lunch & dinner.

Any Cravings: It was really hard. I wanted sweets so badly. Why are we not allowed to have fruit during Phase 1?! I also desperately wanted to drink soda. No diet soda, either. I was dying to eat an entire chocolate cake and drink a 2-liter of Pepsi.

Signs of Detox: I thought it would be too early into it to show any signs of Detox, but I was wrong. Severe cravings were one sign. It's scary-amazing to think of how addicted I am to carbs. By bedtime, I was sobbing because I wanted chocolate cake & Pepsi so badly.

I also went through Emotional Detox by the afternoon. Lots of mood swings & crying. I read that Emotional Detox is great for you because it shows that you're getting a really good cleanse.

Any Cheating: I did. But in the least expected way. I had ketchup. Not a ton but I did eat my chicken with ketchup, which is not allowed on the SBD due to high sugar content. And the chicken really didn't need it!! I just craved carbs, apparently, so badly that I cheated. With ketchup. Nice.

Let's hope today is a bit easier. I'm not sure, though, because I'm already wanting a HUGE bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or a big plate of waffles. Not eggs. I don't like eggs too much anyways.... Sigh. Oh well, here we go......


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