Weekly Menu 5/28-6/02

Okay, I have to confess: my dinner menus as of late have been pretty creative & have been featuring lots of new meals that our family hasn't had before, or at least new variations.
But, hey, I've been pregnant & tired since early 2010. I am (as is the rest of my familia) thrilled for the veer away from the mundane!

Monday: Broccoli Noodles & Cheese Casserole with dinner rolls.

Tuesday: Cincinnati Skyline Spaghetti with green beans & garlic bread.

Wednesday: Simple BBQ Ribs with baked beans & cornbread.

Thursday: Quick Chicken with corn & biscuits.

Friday (our Fun Food Night; usually a variation of pizza): Mexican Pizza & cream cheese poppers.

Saturday: Kielbasa with peppers & potatoes and Egg Noodles

What's your dinner routine? Do you do weekly menus or just wing it?


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