Ugh...Pool's Officially Open

As of this past Friday, our neighborhood pool is officially open.

I can't tell you how much I am not wanting to go.

But my kids are begging to go like its Heaven on Earth or something.

You're probably thinking "Dude, its 512 degrees outside down there. Why would you not want to swim?!"

Okay, so you're probably not thinking that. You were honestly probably thinking that this better not be some long drawn out drolling post that eats into what little free time you have.

But I'm going to pretend that you actually care about the Georgia heat & my thoughts behind why I refuse to while my days away by the gorgeous poolside.... So I'm gonna tell you. So deal with it.

1.) Women have way too much primping to do before showing up in public in a bathing suit. No girl wants to show up looking like Bigfoot in a tankini. I have a hard enough time finding the time to even wash my hair in the shower, let alone tacking on the extras.

2.) I have to walk to the pool. No easy feat when you have to go down 2 flights of stairs carrying pool equipment, drinks & snacks for 4 children. Plus trying to manuever up those same steps a few hours later.

3.) No matter how long we stay at the pool, it will never be long enough by my kids' standards. Last year my daughter got dehydrated at the pool (playing in the water is not the same as drinking it) & was incredibly sick, yet I still had to drag her home, with her pouting.

4.) How am I going to do the pool thing with a small toddler & a newborn?!

5.) Aren't the first four reasons enough?!


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