Sweet, Sweet Sleep. How I Miss Thee.

You know those days when you are just beyond exhausted & get insanely angry at anyone who wakes you (or the baby) up? Like, the kind of angry where you just want to rip their spine out like in Predator? I think it was in Predator, but I'm not sure....

Oh crap.

What if I am so tired that my brain has turned me into some sicko that just imagines disgustingly cruel tortuous things to do to people?! What if that was not in a movie at all?! What if I just created that scenario all on my own??

I am more twisted than I thought. Huh. I am both incredibly impressed & heavily disturbed at that thought...

Oh. Well, anyway, yeah, that's how tired I am.

During the day, I go into my walk-in pantry (when I am supposed to be fixing lunch for the kids) & lean my head on the wall and cry.

I thought I was prepared for the baby-induced sleep deprivation, but I never anticipated it would be this tough. If I get one baby to sleep through the night, the other baby wakes me up. If I get them both to sleep peacefully then one of the big kids seems to be having a rough night & keeps coming in our room.

So that's where I am right now. Up since 4 am. Levi slept really well last night, but Mahri had a tummy ache & kept waking us up last night to tell us. Then Austin woke up at 4 am and has been up ever since.

Well, he was up. But apparently he was reassured that I had no chance of going back to sleep because he watched me drink a large mug of coffee. So he & Levi fell fast asleep. Thanks, boys!

And somebody lost the TV remote & now I just get to sit here. And stare at the stupid birds singing outside my living room window.

Stupid happy birds.

Are you absolutely positively sure that there was no spine-ripping-out action in Predator??

Man, that is disturbing....


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