Roger That, Mama Bear!

I don't like my kids to have free run of the neighborhood. The world, sadly, is not like it was when I was a kid.

And even then I wasn't allowed past the third tree in our driveway!

But I do let them have some space to get out, play with their friends & have fun.

But I usually have them take a walkie-talkie with them. That way, if they decide to go play at a different friend's house, they just let me know via our little spy gear ;-). They think its super cool & all their friends are jealous that they can't play with it.

Plus, if I need them to come home for dinner or need some help with something, they're just a push-button away. Much easier than lugging both babies out the door in order to track them down!

What about your kids? Do they have full access to your neighborhood? What are your family's rules about outdoor play?


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