Ready...Set...Oh, Nevermind

This morning I woke up with energy & ready to start the day with a smile! All 4 kiddos were asleep and I was determined to take full advantage of the peace & quiet.

I quickly got dressed, even putting in my contacts & putting on my  earrings. I was ready to face the day! I threw a load of laundry in the washing machine. I was giddy at the prospect of some Me Time & being able to blog & check my emails in sweeeet silence. Maybe even go over some invoices for work.

Then I did It. The fatal flaw. The downfall of my Me Time would be brought upon due to It.

I made a cup of instant cappuccino.

See, my microwave BEEPS! every time you push a button. I have discovered that if you push the buttons with extreme-superhuman speed & stealth, you can run the BEEPS! together into one BEEP!. I used my microwave skills...the BEEPS! were condensed into the one BEEP!, I even gently set my water-filled mug onto the glass microwave tray with the gentleness of a bomb-diffuser, careful to not make too much noise.

But the DAMNED CAT STILL HEARD ME!!!!! She jumped out of my daughter's bed & began madly scratching on the bedroom door until she woke both my daughter & my oldest son.
From then its been a sad & pathetic domino effect, resulting in my Me Time being flushed down the crapper & instead I got the Evil Eye from my children for my waking the cat & disrupting their sleep.

And that, my dear readers, is precisely why I am not able to post a humorous blog for you this morning. ;-)


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