Mondays & Doctors

I really have no clue what to write about. I have tons of stories in my head but no clue on how to clear my mind & focus on just one thing...

Today is Monday. Mondays are always tricky for me because the kids & I got thrown off of our daily weekday routine for at least a day or two. I often wonder if other stay at home moms have this issue.

The house is always messier. Why do toy baskets & trash cans seem to not exist on days that my husband's home?

I have gone from having an adult helper to being alone with four kids. That alone doesn't scare me....I can do the Four Kids thing with my eyes closed (and during night feedings & diaper changes, my eyes sometimes are closed)... But its just being thrown back in the mix...of needing to be in 10 places at once that throws me off-kilter a bit.

Today is a bit suckier in a way. I have a doctor's appointment today. It's totally great that I get to leave the house on a weekday (my husband usually has the van since his car is currently out of commission) but this little field trip poses some extra hurdles:

a.) It's a morning appointment. What crack was I smoking on the day I scheduled myself a morning appointment?! Actually, sadly, I remember making the appointment. I was 9 months pregnant & happily told the receptionist, "Oh, I'm sure a morning appointment will be great! I'll have a newborn by then & he'll have me up early, I'm sure!" (insert stupid pregnant-crazy giggle)

b.) Husband will be picking me up to take me to the appointment, which means that I have to get all four of the kids plus myself ready to go by myself. For a morning appointment.

c.) After the appointment, husband will drop us back off at the house so he can go back to work. Which will have Austin (17 months old) in tears. He misses his daddy so much when he's working & quick mid-day visits leave him very upset & confused.

d.) The appointment is during Austin's nap time. Again, I must have been smoking crack.

e.) It will overlap into lunchtime. I cannot stress enough the importance of saying no to crack.

Another thought just occurred to me. What the heck am I doing?! Writing this blog entry when I have to leave in exactly one hour?!!

Gotta go! Enjoy your Monday, ya'll!


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