Making Informed Choices

(UPDATE...(1/28/2016)...I found this blog post from a very long time ago and never posted it. Nor did I finish it. Reading it today, I realize that I still believe what I wrote back here it is. In all its unfinished glory....)

Is ignorance bliss?

With the readily available information now available at our fingertips, we are privy to a fountain of knowledge. Knowledge that was not available...or at least, not as conveniently our mothers, grandmothers and our foremothers.

Now we are realizing that when it comes to pregnancy & childbirth, we have options. No longer do we have to do what has always been done, without question.

And with the realization of this revelation comes the research backing up each of our available options.

But with great knowledge comes great responsibility.

And that can be a scary thing.

Sometimes it takes strength & courage to go against the grain & choose a birth plan that bucks years of tradition.

Sometimes people get angry at you for sharing your knowledge.

Why they get angry is beyond me. The only reason I can fathom is that the person is feeling guilty & so they lash out at the message bearer.

I recently lost my supposed best friend of 15 years due to my posting anti-circumcision literature on my personal FaceBook page. I even backed my opinion with a doctor's statement on how, up until recently, the medical community has lied about many aspects of circumcision, including how it is, in fact, extremely painful for the baby.



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