Getting House In Order

As someone who loves everything to be neat & orderly, the condition of my homes (our last one in Ohio & now this one) has kept me in a constant state of stress & humiliation.

I mean, they could've qualified as National Disasters.

But in my defense, I have been completely & utterly exhausted over the past 2 years. Two babies in the timespan of 16 months. Plus an 800 mile move.

I was too wiped out to do ANYTHING but grow babies.

But now that little Levi & Austin are here and taking on the world, its time for me to take on this household chaos!

And cook real meals! Far too many "convenience meals" & McDonald's drive-thru fare have been set upon my kitchen table over the last couple of years, too.

I have gone through tons of clothes that I found hidden in trash bags (my husband's idea of storage) & washed most of them, folded them & either hung them up, put them in a drawer or set them aside so I can buy plastic storage boxes for them. Oh, and some I'm either going to donate to GoodWill or sell in a yard sale.

I set up a Diaper Changing Station, too. It's nothing super fancy but I really love it. I just took two baskets & filled one basket with both boys' diapers. Austin's is in one row & Levi's is in a row next to his. No more plastic diaper packages lying around! Wooohooo! Next to that basket is a smaller one that I keep baby supplies in such as baby wipes, baby powder, nail clippers, Vaseline, thermometer, baby hair brush & comb & baby lotions. I keep the baskets on a nice oak tv dinner table next to our bed, which is where I change diapers.

I also moved our computer & printer (and desk, duh) from the den/playroom up to our dining area. It's a lot more convenient for my being able to keep a close eye on the little ones while I'm on the computer.

I now need to sort through the baby   boys' toys & play things. There is far too much plastic clutter in my home! I'm planning on having my guy bring home the two nice toy boxes we have in our (overflowing) storage unit to keep most of the toys in. Right now the toys are in plastic clothes baskets scattered throughout our home. I am also hoping to get rid of a bunch of the lesser played with toys. I am sure there are some children in our neighborhood who would love them.

I may also put the toys we're keeping into some sort of Rotation System, keeping some stored away in plastic bins & every few months I can pack up the toys that are currently being played with and put them away in a storage bin & put away in my closet & bring out a different bin filled with toys and put it out so the kids can play with those toys. It'll be like they're always getting new toys!

So those are a few of things on my Must Do list. I'm really excited to get them done, too, because all this clutter is really grating on my nerves.

What about you? Does it completely annoy you when you fall behind on your housekeeping?


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