Call Me Old Fashioned

I can't help myself. I think most old fashioned things are beautiful and romantic.

When we first began cloth diapering, I dreamily envisioned white cloth diapers in an orderly row on a clothesline (attached with wooden clothes pins, of course), the blue sky  & green field grass dancing in the breeze, serving as the backdrop. The crisp bright sunlight making the bright white diapers practically sparkle....

Can't you just see it? Can you smell the sunshine? ::deep breath in, smelling the goodness:: Ahhh! Heavenly!

So my first cloth diapering thought was "I have to order the white flat diapers!" Until I heard that unbleached Indian prefolds were thicker & more absorbant.


Now, in addition to being a bit old fashioned, I am also lazy. More absorbant? Sounds good to me! So in addition to the flat white diapers, I also ordered some unbleached prefolds.

What would cloth diapering be without diaper pins? I had to have those, too! But as a cautious afterthought, I also ordered a Snappi. Hard to explain what a Snappi is exactly, but to put it simply: its a plastic grippy thingie that will hold a diaper closed without using pins.

Well, in my romantic diaper daydreams, babies don't kick their mamas while getting their diapers changed. They lie there sweetly. And they coo. Apparently nobody told my son about the peaceful cooing!! And jamming a diaper pin through your thumb while your baby is screeching & kicking & trying to roll away does NOT  feel good! Or romantic!

I thanked the heavens above for that Snappi, let me tell you.

And the country clothesline in the sunny field? Yeah. Try a Southern trailer park that doesn't allow outdoor clothes drying! No fields of waving grass. Just fire ants & red dirt. Well, we do have a nice lawn, but still: no clotheslines allowed.

I also happen to think that glass baby bottles are much cuter than plastic ones. Especially plastic ones with little cartoons emblazoned on the sides. Especially if that cartoon character is Winnie the Pooh. Blah. Nope...clear glass bottles are gorgeous! Especially when filled with freshly pumped breastmilk. Even more so when they catch the sunlight.

Just be sure that there is no milk in that particular bottle when the sunshine is hitting it.

Because that can heat up the milk & allow bacteria to grow, which can cause food poisoning. And that, my friend, is neither gorgeous nor romantic.

Yeah, there's a lot of things from "way back when" that I love to incorporate into my everyday life. Some of my lovelies will have to wait til we move & can have them. Like my clothesline. Maybe a chicken coop. Hello?! Collecting eggs in a little basket....very cool! Mason jars filled with yummy fruits & veggies that I canned myself...

In my eyes, old-fashioned is beautiful. And who wouldn't want beauty surrounding them?

What about you? Do you prefer old-fashioned or modern?


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