A Note To First Time Mommas....

So a girlfriend & I were talking about how naive we were back when we were pregnant with our first babies. During the pregnancy, we complained about how tired we were.

As we napped whenever we felt like it.

We complained how our bodies ached so much.

Yet our bodies were young & healthy.

Then we went into labor, having NO FREAKING IDEA how scared we should have been.

But we learned & swore we'd never subject ourselves to that kind of torture again.

As the mothers of one child, we wearily laid our heads on the kitchen table, thinking how just a single sweet-hearted child could suck the life & energy out of us.

Yet, we fell in love with our tiny pink bundles.

And soon enough, we found ourselves pregnant again.

Okay. As former first time mothers, we feel that we have the right, earned the privilege, nay, are obligated to tell future first-time moms to SHUT THE HELL UP & SUCK IT UP.

Feeling exhausted & oh-so-busy?


Trust us. ;-)

Because just wait until you see what lies ahead when you're a mom of 2+ children, especially little ones that are super close in age.

Though we wouldn't trade it for anything, believe us when we say that your first go 'round is like a vacation at a fancy resort, so enjoy it while you can!


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