Two Diaper Changes Later...

I've done 2 diaper changes so far!

One just peepee & the other one had poopy, too.

I have come to a few conclusions:

a.) Snappis don't work so well with flat diapers. In fact, the little grippy teeth went THROUGH the material & was poking him. And it hurt him!

b.) Diaper pins, though they fasten it better & more efficiently, hurt like a MOTHER when you jam it into your finger!

Which brings me to.....

c.) Diaper changes are a lot easier, neater & painless when the baby isn't trying to roll everywhere!

d.) Poop is not so hard to get off of a diaper! A few little shakes & PLOP! LOL

I just wish I could get Austin's diapers to look as cute as the ones I see in pictures and tutorials!

Ultimately it doesn't really matter how cute it is since its under a diaper cover anyway. All that really matters is that it absorbs & holds in what its supposed to.

But I am a perfectionist & want it to look good, inside and out.

Lucky for me, I'll be getting lots of practice! ;-)
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Tara West said…
I chimed in on your other post about prefolds. But you can actually look up a "pad fold" for the flats too and they are super easy. No pins or snappi required. Just lay it in the cover. Painless and easy.
Monica said…
I'll look it up! Thank you! For ONE of the changes he laid still & I snapped on the pins, lickety-split. LOL I was so proud. And so when my husband came home, I proudly marched myself & our little diaper-clad man back to the bedroom & told my husband he *had* to see what I could do. Ha! Suddenly I had Mr. Wormy Squirmy on my hands. LOL So I'm definitely looking up the pad fold! Thanks, Tara!

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