One Week...No Poo!

So I have finished one poo-less week.

So far, I'm pretty happy about the condition of my hair.

I've noticed that my hair *may* be getting a tad more oily. Nothing severe & a quick baking soda wash cleans it beautifully!

This is a completely normal part of the "no poo" transformation. It normally takes 2-6 weeks to get my scalp adjusted to not being harshly stripped by shampoo. It's so used to producing oil to replace the oils removed by the shampoo & now it needs to learn to regulate the amount of oils it produces.

I've also noticed that the slight dandruff problem that I had seems to be clearing up! Bonus! LOL

The only thing that I'm worried about, is what to do about styling products.

I have completely eliminated all of them from my beauty routine so far, as most no-pooers do.

I've heard from other curly-haired no-pooers that their hair began to look better than ever, sans products, once they got through the initial oil-regulating-process.

So, for now, the ponytail will continue to be my best friend!

And I will continue to keep shampoo & conditioner away from my tresses. ;-)

Oh! And on a pleasant side note: I was told that my hair smelled really good yesterday. Double bonus! (Last night, when I took out my ponytail, I took a whiff, just to see if it was true. You know what? It *did* smell great! Kind of a fresh clean smell!)
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hilary13ot said…
just conditioned my hair with Cassia (think Henna without the color change) Cassia is a plant that grows in the middle east similar to the prep of Henna (use only skin art quality henna - the best quality is always used for skin) but Cassia does not change color of hair except when you are blonde you will get a little highlight. for those of us with darker hair we get shiny very soft very healthy hair that smells wonderful. if you want to know more check under henna for hair and you will get a very good how to manual that will tell you all about Cassia, Henna and Indigo and how to use them plus some very sobering facts about the hair coloring industry. Very informative for all of us. Miss ya!! (Hilary)
Monica said…
What about for gray/white hair that needs covered up? Will Cassia do it?

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