Not Gonna Poo!

So, I've just heard of the "no 'poo" thing. Have you heard of it? No 'poo means "no shampoo". But not exactly. Most people, when they hear "no shampoo", they conjure nasty images of greasy hair, head lice, dirty....a whole plethora of grody-ness.

In fact, going no shampoo means no store-bought shampoo. Instead, you use natural every day household products & make your own shampoo/hair rinse.

Some people do this for the ecological benefit: no more plastic bottles filling up garbage landfills, no more hazardous chemicals being washed down the drain.

This is a wonderful reason for adopting the "no poo" lifestyle.

Alas, its not my reason for wanting to go poo-less.

I am apparently more self-centered.

I'm going to attempt going "no poo" to score myself some healthy, shiny locks! There is a vast assortment of information you can get about the benefits of "no poo", so I'm not going to get into it. But from the various unrelated accounts that I've read, eliminating shampoo from your routine can give you a head full of gorgeous hair!

There are a few different ways to go "no poo".

One way is to cut out shampoo but just wash your hair with conditioner.

I'm not going that route.

I am instead using an initial rinse of baking soda & water. Followed by an apple-cider-vinegar & water rinse.

Today was my first day implementing this process.

Here are my thoughts about my first time using this method:

a.) Baking soda tastes nasty. Then again, so does shampoo. So, I guess I'd rather it be all-natural & safe. And I'll close my mouth tighter next time.

b.) The baking soda rinsed out easily. My hair was "squeaky" while rinsing it out, which made me feel that it was accomplishing something. It wasn't sudsy & bubbly (like shampoo) but that's because its not filled with bubbley gel-like chemicals. The main component to effectively using this method, is to be sure to vigorously massage the scalp to remove dirt & oil.

c.) Holy shower head! Vinegar stinks!!! Luckily, the vinegar smell rinsed out with the vinegar.

d.) Once out of the shower & I had towel dried my hair a bit, I combed it out. It wasn't slippery smooth like my hair tends to be after I use my regular conditioner & that worried me a bit. But my hair wasn't tangled (thanks to the vinegar), which is awesome since my curly hair tends to get tangled in the shower.

e.) As my hair dried, I was very happy with how shiny it was! I am also not using products in my hair (curl spray, mousse, hair spray, etc), not until I determine if I can eliminate their use from my life, like so many "no poo"ers have been able to do. I did pull my hair back into a ponytail (my signature weekday hair style). I was really happy to see my hair had a nice wavy curl to it & wasn't anywhere as frizzy as it is when I shampoo, condition & then not apply styling products. Plus, my hair feels really soft.

Bottom line: I'm going to continue going "no poo"!

By the way, it has been 3 days since I last used shampoo & conditioner.
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