No Rest For The Weary


Being a mommy is a hard enough job, but add to that the woes of having 3 sick babies & its enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Especially when she's sick, too.

And in that bone-weary, energy-sucking butt dragging time of pregnancy called "The First Trimester".

So far, one of my chicks has gotten better (after missing a week of football practice & his game!) but I've still got two that are still suffering through.

The baby is the worst. He's super congested plus has a bad runny nose. He is having trouble sucking on his pacifier and nursing. He spends hours crying and basically being miserable.

I'm hoping that he's about over it, because my nerves are frayed & my body and mind are wiped out.

I've even given up on cloth diapers for the time being. I don't have the energy in me to do anything extra. Just the basics.

I'm too wore out to even consider myself a sell-out. LOL

We'll go back to cloth really soon. Just let me catch my breath. ;-)

Oh! I looked up the Chinese Gender Predicting Chart today. It is reported to be 93% accurate. It just needed my age at time of conception along with the month I conceived. It said that my baby is a.....girl! I've been feeling that its a girl, but only time will tell.....


This morning we had a HORRIBLE blowout with a disposable. Soooo we're back to the awesome wonders of cloth! Woohoo!


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