No More Gerber Baby!

My little guy almost never gets diaper rashes. He's always got the cutesy little blemish-free tushie.

Until recently.

See, a few weeks ago we switched him from Gerber baby food to organic baby food, after reading reports of how many chemicals were found in the major non-organic baby foods (Gerber, Beech Nut & Heinz were in this group).

Side note: 16 pesticides/herbicides were found! Most of them are well-known carcinogens!!!

So we switched to Earth's Best organic baby food, despite the substantial price difference. We are not, by ANYONE'S standards, rich but we felt that this extra spending was more than worth it!

But then this past week two things happened: my husband's work hours got cut AND our rent was due.

So we had to (temporarily) switch back to Gerber.

(Let me take a minute here to acknowledge that Gerber also makes organic baby food, however, I figure if they are horrid enough to put carcinogens into BABY food to begin with, then screw 'em. I'm taking my organic-food-buying-money elsewhere.)

So, yes, here I was once again feeding him toxins. :-(

I figured that it was just for a week or two. No big deal.

But now Austin has been getting diaper rashes.

At first I chalked it up to the heat. The poor kiddo was stuck in a diaper all day & it was causing the rash.... But that didn't seem too plausible. I mean, he sits in air conditioning all day PLUS I have a couple of fans blowing in the living room & bedroom, which is where he spends most of his day.

Then I started thinking that it was the baby food, as in what type of fruit/veggie he was eating.

But that didn't make sense, because he's never had a reaction to any of the foods before. Besides, Earth's Best baby food, in addition to being organic, they also have awesome food combinations & use flavorful spices, such as cinnamon.

He had no problem with those.

Which led me to the *Eureka!* moment. I had reintroduced the toxins back into his system!

Sure, he had been fine when he used to eat Gerber, but I had detoxed his body, in a way by going organic.

And NOW I am finally able to see just one of the adverse reactions of these toxins.

And I am pissed.

We will be going back to organic next week.
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