Lovin' My Pad (fold)!

A million fluffy thanks to Tara West for her suggestion to go with a pad fold!!

You, my dear Tara, have saved me from a mountain of stress & fingers full of needle pricks! LOL

See, I had been doing some basic folds with my flat diapers. I loved how they looked, fitted & old fashioned, but Austin was refusing to lie still.

He had places to go, things to gnaw on & a very limited capacity for my artistic ways.

Most of yesterday's diaper changes ended in blood (mine), sweat & tears (those latter two came from both he & I).

Til Tara suggested that my newbie ass should look up the pad fold. Granted, Tara is kind & refrained from either calling me a "newbie" or mentioning "ass", but I read her loud and clear! ;-)

The "pad fold" is super easy:

a.) Fold the diaper in half & then in half again, so the diaper is a square shape.

b.) Fold both the right & left sides into the middle, so its tri-folded.

c.) Fan the back out slightly more (to catch poo) & place seam-side down in a diaper cover.

d.) Snap (or velcro) the cover onto baby!

Voilá! No pins or Snappis are necessary!

You can even put an insert inside the diaper's fold, for a few extra layers of absorption! I might buy some terry cloth this weekend & make a few inserts.

Today's thoughts on cloth diapering? It freaking rocks!!!

Oh! By the way, those cloth wipes I was making? They work beautifully! I just wet one down with water (like a washcloth) & use it like a regular wipe. Then, just toss it in the diaper pail with the dirty cloth diapers!

If I end up buying some terry cloth, I might sew some onto the back of some of my wipes, that way they are really great for really messy diaper changes!
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Tara West said…
HAHAHA! I would never call you a newbie or an ass ;) And the only reason I know this, trial and error my friend. I just hope to spare you some pain that I had to learn 'the hard way'.

You can check out some other good tips on my blog- http://www.fluffybums.blogspot.com ;-)

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