It's Our First Fluff Day!

It's official: my fluff days have begun!

Technically, yesterday should have been Fluff Day.

UPS brought my diapers & pins yesterday.

I washed & prepped them all yesterday.

They were ready by the afternoon.

Like I said, yesterday should have been Fluff Day.

Except that Austin didn't think it should have been.

As I was trying to put the diaper on him, while trying to keep the flat diaper in the RosiePosie fold, Austin was screaming & kicking me with all his might.

By the end of that episode, we were both screaming & crying & sweating.

So I decided to post-pone Fluff Day.

Today was a bit better.

I decided against the RosiePosie fold & went with the Origami fold. It seemed more difficult to do, but looked like it would fit him better.

The online pics I found for the Origami fold were way too difficult for me to figure out. LOL I got to Step 3 and was stumped.

So I found a YouTube tutorial & it made it SO much easier!

Austin was still wary of this strange softness on his nether regions & commenced his kicking strategy again. I decided to pass up the diaper pins for now & just use the Snappi.

And now...we wait.

But I gotta tell you, this is getting fun! LOL

I also gotta tell you that I understand the reasoning behind other cloth diapering mommas' decision to go with all-in-one diapers or pocket diapers. They would probably be a heck of a lot simpler to start out on!

But considering those start out at around $20 per diaper, I'm glad I chose this route.

I paid $19 for 12 flat diapers & just $9 for each Flip diaper cover. The cover, as long as he doesn't get poop on it can just be quickly wiped out & reused with the next diaper change!

Check out the pics (above) of my Origami fold & the cloth wipes I've been sewing! Pretty good, huh? ;-)

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Tara West said…
You should try some prefolds next time you purchase. They are super easy. You literally can fold them in thirds and lay them in a cover. I like them MORE than a pocket or AIO and are so cheap.
Monica said…
I bought one prefold :-) & I'm going to give it a go later today. LOL It does seem A LOT more absorbant!

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