I Have A Dream!

Cloth diaper vocabulary word of the day: "fluff". Fluff is just a cutesy word for cloth diapers.

I left ya'll hanging with my last blog entry & my not knowing if I was still excited about cloth diapering.

Here's the thing: Last night, all night long, I dreamt about Kissaluvs Contour diapers. Colored ones, unbleached ones....all heavenly soft and cuddly. This dream marathon did not come unprovoked. Earlier in the day, I had put an eBay bid on a set of 5. There was less than 24 hrs in the auction when I went to bed & I was the highest & only bidder. I could almost feel them, they were that close to being mine. Anyone with a budget who has used eBay before can surely predict what happened while I was in Kissaluvs dreamland. Yep, some jackwagon (TY Becky for the vocab update) outbid me. I got the update as I was nursing the baby early in the morning.

So I lost out on one great deal, but I will not be deterred! I spent any free moment I had searching for low-priced Kissaluvs contours. And decided that I will also order a dozen prefolds to start out with, too, to see which works best or if they both rock.

So all you nay-sayers can bite it cuz there's no stopping me!!!!! (except when it comes to finances...that can stop me...until I convince myself that I am doing what any mother would do by turning tricks for fluff...)
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