I Got Bit By The Fabric Bug!

I just went into Jo-Ann Fabrics & went fabric window-shopping. They have such cute prints.

I'm really thinking of making my own pocket inserts & contour diapers.

And if all goes well with that, meaning they are:

a.) Functional. Superbly functional.

b.) Cute. Your baby deserves it!

c.) Fun to make. Let's face it, my attention span is short. If its not a rewarding experience, then....oooh! Look! A bunny!!

Then I may sell them to other cloth diapering mommas!

But first things first, I need to buy some inserts & contours so that I can see how they work & what works best. I'm also buying prefolds because they are more economical.

Every step of this process has me sooo stoked!
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